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Gardens and Birds

Gardens and Birds - Wire cherry tree
Wire cherry tree

A trusty favourite - simply a cherry ( or apple ) tree depending on the mood ! The wooden base varies in size ( as with all the sculptures ) .
Dimensions approx : H : 13cms W: 6cms

Gardens and Birds - Mini Topiary and Topiary &bench
Mini Topiary and Topiary &bench

These two sculptures sit so well together ....
Dimensions : L : 8cms H: 13cms

Gardens and Birds - Undergrowth

Quite a busy sculpture.
Dimensions: L: 18cms H: 14cms

Gardens and Birds - Spring

A long skinny sculpture. Flowers and comedy birds.
Dimensions : L : 18cms. H : 14cms

Gardens and Birds - The Wheelbarrow
The Wheelbarrow

Perhaps one of my most complex sculptures to make ..... lots of parts.
Dimensions : L: 9cms H : 8cms

Gardens and Birds - The Park
The Park

The longest of long sculptures ....
Dimensions : L : 26cms H: 10cms

Gardens and Birds - Wire scribble tree with bird
Wire scribble tree with bird

A stand alone piece .... a beautiful simple wire tree ... a few leaves and a little bird.
Dimensions : H: 18cms

Gardens and Birds - Washing Day
Washing Day

A long skinny sculpture with teenie tiny washing on the line.
Dimensions : L : 17cms H : 12cms

Gardens and Birds - The Greenhouse
The Greenhouse

A new addition ... tricky to make and each one seems to end up a different size.
Dimensions : L: 5cms H: 9cms

Gardens and Birds - Shepherds Hut
Shepherds Hut

This sculpture was made on a whim but has sneaked its way into the collect... over the years I have perfected the art of making it !
Dimensions : L : 6cms. H : 9cms