Sarah Jane Brown .... Maker of Miniatures

Thursday, November 05, 2020

Instagram: sjbwireknits

The work of Sarah Jane Brown .... consists of two
main collections.
Firstly an ongoing collection of sculptures created from recycled metals, wood and newsprint. With each sculpture being individually handmade, emphasis being placed on miniature scale with contrasting rusty and shiny details.
Weathered by nature's elements and assembled with love. Themes are of a simple narrative, Homes, Gardens, Birds and Nautical.
Each sculpture tells a visual story still as yet to unfold ......
The second collection consists of small scale wire knitted sculptures which are hand moulded and hand stitched to create form and shape of various animals, thus giving them all individual characters. The tails and legs are added with the rusty eyes and collars adding a touch of life.. The result is a unique
handmade sculpture.