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Create your World

Create your World - Bench and Flowers & Flowers & Leaves
Bench and Flowers & Flowers & Leaves

These are possibly the most popular start off pieces of Create Your World .
Length : 4cms

Create your World - Trees ....
Trees ....

These trees can be bought singularly ....
The topiary wire knitted trees cover all seasons .... a hint of valentines with the double ball & heart .... a cone for a suggested Christmas tree. Wire tree more loose ....and scribbly.
H: Up to 9cms

Create your World - Clouds

As separates.
Sunny & Rainy..... goes nicely above a house or bench .
Approx 12cms height

Create your World - Birds and Birdhouse
Birds and Birdhouse

These three go together ...
Height approx : 7cms

Create your World - The Swing ( new 2021 )
The Swing ( new 2021 )

Because why not ? This simple piece sits so nicely with the rest.
H: 12cms

Create your World - Houses

Four houses .... to make your world complete...
Detached, simple house, the cottage, double fronted... h: varies 6cms

Create your World - The Complete Collection ....
The Complete Collection ....

Create Your World .... mix and match ... made with love xx