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Create your World

Create your World - Create Your World
Create Your World

This collection enables ... each separate element to be purchased ... for the owner to mix and match and create their own world and arrange as they like !

Create your World - Bench & Flowers
Bench & Flowers

Because I love making little benches .... they are so tricky !

Create your World - Flowers and Leaves
Flowers and Leaves

5cms tall this little pieces sits nicely .

Create your World - Tall & short bird
Tall & short bird

The best of both worlds . (7cms & 4.5cms )

Create your World - Birdhouse

This tall skinny birdhouse is 9cms tall standing on a small wooden block.

Create your World - Wire scribble trees
Wire scribble trees

These can be purchased as a single tree ( 8cms )or two together ( 11cms )..... simple but effective giving height to your miniature world .

Create your World - Single ball topiary
Single ball topiary

In the distance.... do squint ! This single ball topiary is 6cms tall ( photography is not my strong point ! )

Create your World - Double ball topiary
Double ball topiary

Tall and skinny with a heart on top... 9cms .

Create your World - Tiered cone topiary
Tiered cone topiary

This piece involves a lot of stitching in wire to hold the separate pieces together ! It is 8cms tall and quite chunky.

Create your World - Cone topiary
Cone topiary

As the title suggested ... a single cone.... not just for Christmas ! But if you want a star on top that is possible . Height 8cms.

Create your World - Houses

Double fronted with four windows ( 5cms tall ) and the taller house with three windows ( 8cms tall )....