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Wire Knit Sculptures

Wire Knit Sculptures - Scottie Dog and bird
Scottie Dog and bird

Possibly one of the popular of the wire knit collection.
Dimensions : L :11cms H :10cms

Wire Knit Sculptures - Large standing dog
Large standing dog

This large dog .... is laughing ! Measurements are approximate.
Dimensions : L : 12cms H : 13 cms.

Wire Knit Sculptures - Large sitting hound
Large sitting hound

With windswept ears.
Dimensions : L : 7cms H : 12cms

Wire Knit Sculptures - Small standing dog
Small standing dog

This dog has pointy ears and a pointy nose ( like he is sniffing for his bone ).
Dimensions approx : L : 7cms H : 7cms

Wire Knit Sculptures - Small standing and sitting hound
Small standing and sitting hound

These two hound are part of the small collection .
Dimensions : H: 7cms

Wire Knit Sculptures - Small standing cat
Small standing cat

The small cat has a tail that I think resembles a question mark ! Sometimes I get carried away with the length of the tail.
Dimensions : L : 7cms H : 10cms ( including tail )

Wire Knit Sculptures - Small sitting cat
Small sitting cat

Waiting .... with splendid whiskers.
Dimensions : L : 5cms. H: 9cms

Wire Knit Sculptures - Large and small hares
Large and small hares

The Hares are the newest addition to the collection... with the longest ears and whiskers. They vary in size as they are complex to make ... a lot of stitching !
Largest : H : 12cms
Small : H : 9cms ( approx )